Preparing for an audition?

Looking for voice lessons you can actually afford?

If you’re looking for a strong 32-bar cut, hoping to improve your book, or looking to better prepare for an audition or callback, let’s work together to make sure you book your next gig!

Rates vary depending on each singers’ needs (we’re all actors here, so I refuse to up-charge)

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Make my book accompanist-friendly

Do you ever feel that your 32-bar cut could be cleaner or better suited for your voice? Maybe through a key change, a mashup, or cutting a few bars here and there? Will the pianist at the audition know EXACTLY what I need him/her to do? Touch base - let’s make sure every piece of music you have is piano-friendly for every type of audition pianist.


Voice Lessons & Coachings

With 10+ years working in music education, voice, and piano pedagogy, Adam can help any age singer (beginner to working professional) find his or her voice and help bring out the best. This also means finding appropriate rep to bring to auditions.

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Piano Tracks

Got a quick callback but need to hear what the material sounds like with just a piano? Send an e-mail and get a piano track to you in 24 hours or less. It can be recorded with the melody plunked out for easy learning or with the piano accompaniment as written. Whatever will help you feel comfortable in the audition room!

*Piano tracks can be completed from anywhere at any time. Simply send a PDF of the music. Venmo accepted.